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Studio FCC was designed for many types of users.  From smaller photography jobs to large commercial video projects, this stage is ready for you.  Are you looking for a one-time location for a specific product marketing purpose?  Do you have an internal stage but need an overflow filming space?  Perhaps you are a growing company looking to do more media marketing.  Great, Studio FCC can help.

Shoot Everything

Studio FCC features a 65′ x 25′ infinity cyclorama with a green/white split.  This arrangement allows for multiple setups in the same time/place without the need for a reset.  Our pre-lit, dimmable cyc lighting comes standard, and the light softly terminates into the floor should the need arise to add space lighting to the entire stage.  The time saved in lighting the background frees up time to put the focus where it matters: on your people and products.  In fact, we were able to successfully set up a photo shoot, a car shoot, and a vfx shot simultaneously. See below…


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