Launch Party

Time to Celebrate

After months of planning, preparation, and execution Studio FCC is available to all!  We celebrated the milestone last week by honoring the people who participated in it’s construction.  The stage was built with a combination of outside vendors, skilled laborers, and volunteers from Family Community Church.  Literally thousands of hours were invested to bring this dream to life.

Party has Just Begun

Now that the launch is official it is time to put the stage to work!  We are excited to partner with businesses, production companies, agencies, photographers, and many other new media creatives to help enable them to produce the best work possible for their clients.  We will highlight some of these use cases in the coming weeks.

Let’s Talk, Let’s Tour

Studio FCC has been designed with versatility and high quality in mind.  We invite you to contact us to arrange a free tour of our campus, where you can test-drive the features and amenities first-hand.  Please visit our contact page to arrange a meeting!

Special Thanks

The design of this stage was greatly benefitted by the help and assistance of Andy Olson ( and Christopher Baldwin (

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