August 31, 2013


Rental Information

We offer two categories of stage rentals: Standard and Economy, in both full-day and half-day configurations. Please read below to compare the different options.

Base Features

(included for every rental)

– Daylight pre-lit Cyclorama wall with 13’ Grid
– 16 Channel DMX board
– Makeup and Wardrobe room
– Green Room
– Guest Wi-Fi
– Campus-wide air conditioning
– Stage Manager access
– 60A courtesy power
– Parking and 2-way building access (guest lobby entrance and grip loading zone)
– Large lobbies for staging and/or craft services

Economy Package

Designed for photographers or very basic video applications. Full access to the cyc and dimmable Kino Parazip 400 lights. No infinity floor (carpet remains on floor). No grid access. 2x 20-amp circuits of courtesy power (no grid power of floor distro).

Full day ($400)
Half day ($250)

Standard Package

This is for video or complex photography applications. Full infinity cyc/floor access. 12′ grid access with 200A/3-phase available. Separate floor distro 200A/3-phase.

Full day ($1000)
Half day ($600)


House Grip kit ($200/day)
Five 2K Juniors, one 5K Senior, two Kino-Flo Image 80 with Daylight, Flag cart w/ one dozen assorted flags/frames, six 40” C-stands w/ arms, five Matthews overhead rollers.

Scissor Lift ($100/day)

Security Deposit

Economy rentals require a $250 security deposit, while Standard rentals require a $500 deposit.